St John and the Ciy Defibrillator Project

This project aims to deploy twenty Public Access Automated Emergency Defibrillators, or PAAEDs, across the City of Edinburgh by the end of 2017.

The framework underpinning the St John and The City Defibrillator Project is key to its success.  It creates local partnerships with three key groups of participants, namely: Donors, Hosts and Guardians. 

Businesses, voluntary organizations, civic institutions and individuals – to be known as Donors – will provide funding for public access defibrillators. The easy-to-use units can prove vital in the event of someone suffering a heart attack.

The defibrillators will be placed in strategic sites, such as churches, community centres, bus and tram stops and train stations - known as Hosts - across Edinburgh, taking into account the volume of people in the immediate vicinity. The Edinburgh Team at St John Scotland will then bring together Donors and Hosts to position the PAAEDs.

Guardians will be a team of volunteers who will regularly monitor all the defibrillators ensuring they are in place and in working order.  Finally, a member from the Edinburgh Team of St John Scotland (known as the Coordinator) will be responsible for the Defibrillator Register, ensuring the register is up to date and all the PAAED locations are mapped out.  This information will be shared with the Scottish Ambulance Service.